Year end 2022 we completed 10 years of the Portrait Food Raiser.  As a community we  We raised a total of over 9000 lbs of food in 10 years, well done and thank you to all that have been a part of this fantastic community event.  We will move onto another local non profit to help, to be determined.

Year TEN of the portrait food raiser is September 25, Sunday from 12-4! The donations go directly to and benefits the West Linn Food Pantry and our great community.

This community event supports the West Linn Food pantry and the surrounding communities for those in need. This event started with the letter of need from the food pantry, 11 years ago. I decided this is the way I can contribute- by donating sessions when people donated food. It has developed into being a wonderful community event and I’m excited to see your smiling faces this year!How it works: you sign up for a session time, donate to the food pantry with a link I will provide. Then on day you come & smile for your session. We will view your images & order in the following weeks. Great timing for holiday gifts, cards, & to create beautiful wall art!

The sign up with the LINK HERE! It is also in the newsletter, on my website, on social media and my on IG.

We have donated apx 8000k of food in the 9 years (lost exact count when we shifted to touch less donations) But we did good!I look forward to seeing your smiling faces, hope you can join us, and contribute to the community.

This will be the final year for the Portrait food raiser. I’m always creating new and different philanthropic events. Feel free to give me a list of your favorite nonprofits and maybe we come up with how can help them out. I’ll have info in my newsletter about who I already contribute to, so I’d love to hear other ideas! Feel free to share the post, create a story, tell & share with your family & friends.

I have so Much gratitude for the years of our important work creating memories with you, making beautiful family images, & helping others in the mix of it all.


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